Cultural Industries is a culturally inspired and driven business ran by Creative Director Angela Marr-Grogan.

Angela is a Birrbay woman with over 20 years industry experience in cultural arts, community consultation, project management and workshop facilitation.

As a professional artist Angela specialises in culturally inspired imagery and designs, private commissioned works of art and custom gifts.

Her works of art are contemporary, bold and fresh, and symmetrical in style and design. As an Aboriginal woman she is extremely passionate about story telling though art and sharing her love of it with others.

Angela is trained in graphic design, however has a love for traditional handcrafted works. She is an artist for the National Aboriginal Design Agency and has established herself in cultural branding and design within the corporate sector. Angela is an accomplished artist and has been a finalist at both state and national art award competitions.

Angela is also an accredited trainer and delivers cultural safety and responsibility in cultural arts within education settings. She also teaches cultural arts and traditional language at TAFE.

"As an Aboriginal woman and artist, I am extremely passionate about celebrating and promoting my culture through art and language. I am inspired and driven by the depth of my culture and my place within it." 

Angela Marr-Grogan, Gurrwa Marraygan.