The orb, it's creative inspiration and process.

Obsidian is a crystal that is formed naturally from volcanic lava, it's also known as the wizard's stone. 

The crystal possesses strong powerful metaphysical properties that help to shield against negativity and provide protection, it's energy is also thought to stimulate the gift of prophecy. 

I have always had a love of obsidian and created my very first customised obsidian healing orb for my daughter Tori, to act as a shield and provide protection against negativity in her life.

The creative process for each orb takes place over many hours and days, with each piece carefully prepared to ensure a quality finish. Once the preparation work is complete, each orb is lovingly created with quality acrylic paints in free form style, using fine painting, dotting and layering techniques. Although some pieces may appear similar in design, they are all unique and individually formed with varying pattern work, layering and colour combinations. 

After the paint layers have dried, protective coatings of gloss varnish are applied to seal and protect the artwork for an everlasting finish. The orbs then become a beautifully tactile show piece work of art. 

My hand painted orbs are for those that appreciate the time, creativity and uniqueness that go into creating each piece.

They are a truly special gift item or personal purchase.

I'm now offering these precious gems to anyone who has a love of crystals, hand crafted and the healing magic within.

I hope that you love my healing orbs as much as I love creating them.

Custom orders welcome, please allow 3-4 weeks.